WHEREAS we live in a zeitgeist in which humans are exiled from one another.
WHEREAS to be in exile is not just a figurative condition but a literal one.
WHEREAS there are artists in exile here (in the US) from their home countries.
WHEREAS our institution has used codified, inaccessible language to perfect our state of exile.
WHEREAS our current zeitgeist has exiled us from the land and its original inhabitants.
WHEREAS due to being subjected to an exiled state we have lost our sense of compassion for our neighbors in need.
WHEREAS those who are in prison are in exile from their community.
WHEREAS due to living in a continual state of exile we suffer from mental health issues in varying degrees.
WHEREAS the best way to secure the safety of an individual in exile is for them to be known and loved and a part of a loving community.
We propose to put on an arts and advocacy event series called: A Nation in Exile.




Community Members

Kathy Liao
Edgar Palacios
Dwight Smith
Nicolas Lopez
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